to confidence in the face of confrontation?

to accessing raw aggression when you need it most?

to skilfully applying pure violent intent?

It ALL comes down to specifically and methodically training your mind and your emotions to process and react to external events in a completely NEW WAY.

Not only is this way new and unfamiliar but thanks to the ongoing feminisation of modern culture and the demonisation of any and all behaviours or traits which are overtly “masculine” it has also been deeply ingrained as a huge SOCIAL TABOO to display normal healthy aggression (regardless of whether your a man or a woman). Effectively forcing people to suppress their natural drives; making them miserable, depressed, sick and passive.

Richard Grannon

Healthy expressions of normal aggressive drive like decisiveness, single mindedness, the ability to simply take action without endless pontificating, hand wringing and worrying what others might think and who we might offend are ALL behaviours derided and devalued in modern culture – have you noticed?

Look at adverts, music videos, chat shows, films. You’ll see it when you look for it.

No wonder people “struggle to access aggression” ! We’ve had a lifetime of social hypnosis telling us to “be nice”.

Well actually to “shut up, be nice” and do as you are told. Being blindly obedient is NOT natural.

If you are over 21, have no history of mental illness, are a reasonable and responsible adult looking for an explanation of how and why these psychological barriers get put in place and a simple step by step procedure for smashing through them then you might want to check this out: