Hia Rich,
I just caught the video on “Inside the mind of a thug” I know exactly what you mean about confidence.
Couple of years ago was on a bus coming out of town (Liverpool). This lad got on and stated mouthing off at me; I’ve got long hair and a beard he was warring a tracksuit, nuff said. I Tried to deescalate told him to leave it out, to no avail. Next thing I know he hit me, but being a bit of a prat he caught me on my cheek a bit too high. Now, I did Taekwondo for 5 years and Muay Thai for 4, but had been out of it for about 18 months /two years. I froze and covered up while he let lose some John Wayne punches. After what felt like about 30 seconds I snapped out of it, caught him with an elbow across the eyebrow and clinched him, after a knee or two and that sneaky little thing you do with your thumbs from the clinch, I dragged him down the bus and threw him out on county road. Contrasted with a similar thing what happened to me maybe year before (when I was training 3 times a week), that guy didn’t even get a chance to close his fist.
What I’m basically trying to say is your right; confidence is everything. After I snapped out of it, I still had the physical skills but I’d lost the confidence/mindset. Just glad his first dig was poor, or that it wasn’t a knife.
I am sure it was the fact that I had been out of training that was to blame, just interesting that confidence/mindset is not just something you can just develop and forget about. Also, I’ve got a few friends that do different stuff and some of them are really good when sparing and hitting the pads and I’ve seen them get started on in pubs and they completely recoil and lose their confidence. Not sure what that’s about, maybe something to do with context, they associate the gym with sparing and that’s it, not sure I’m no psychologist.
Sorry, it wouldn’t this wouldn’t fit in the video comment so thought id email.
Cheers for everything, it’s so refreshing to see someone using the internet medium to spread usable self protection, there is a lot of garbage out there.

Hiya Dave

yeah I think in some ways a lot of gym training can make you quite “precious” if that makes sense?

you get used to having things a certain way and hell of a lot of your needs are accommodated for in a gym environment

this is where I think doorwork is good as a confidence booster, because of the chaotic and extremely “un ideal” circumstances, the gobbing off, verbal, staring, chest puffing, peacock “I wonder if I can get away with clocking you” phase becomes so frequent its dull… of course the downside is it can make you a bit blase about being fronted and I think its a mistake not to take every situation seriously now. My last injury came from a light hearted approach to a confrontation


thanks for the email

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In a nutshell, you teach people how to defend their selfs. There will will always be two kind of people, those who take what you teach on board and those who sit on youtube sticking dynamite in every single point you make (Trolls). The only difference is, in my opinion, how these two types of people will react when faced with a threat. If someone attacks me for no reason then I beleive I am within my rights to knock seven shades of shit out of him untill he is no longer a threat to me. If someone attacks one of these t**ts then no amount of trolling will help them.

There will always be people online whohave nothing better to do with there time but hey, that’s up to them. Keep up the good work Rich. As a great man once said; Keep it real.

Oh and also, I may invest in that DVD after Christmas as I’m taking a break from i all to over endulge on fad Mince pies and other festive treats : D

“If someone attacks one of these t**ts then no amount of trolling will help them.”

HAHAHAHA! Excellent

save a mince pie for me 🙂


Free will the use of the mind and self
>control, unfortunatly what the average thug lacks,your education gives
one a choice, knowing what to do and what you can do, it not about
keeping face, the bouncer you told of, that never needed to use force
says it all, oh, Im dont work the doors, or anything like that, only an
army medic.
Thanks, Gary

Hi Gary

thanks for the feedback, ah yeah I’d forgotten about him – I might point people in the direction of that article again

yeah, choice is what its all about


(article is here http://streetfightsecrets.com/ChoicetoFightandtheEgo.aspx )

Hey Richie,

I gotta tell you, RIGHT FUCKIN ON! I’ve been teaching mixed combatives for self protection since the ’80s. As a former SOF soldier and Instructor, I say, you hit the nail on the head with your video.

Most people are so into their cush world that they have no clue as to what it takes in a real world situation. Yet they are also the first to scream and wonder why the police did not protect them (That’s what police are for, right?? argh!!). Most don’t want to be responsible for themselves. Anyway thanks for putting out the videos because those in need will find you and learn something useful.

When I was actively teaching I had so called 5th and 7th degree black belts dropping out of my trainings after a week saying it was too brutal, imagine that! As the world goes from bad to worse these people will fall by the wayside unless they change their world view.

I once had an instructor who said “There are 3 types of people in the world, People who make things happen, people who watch things happen and people who wonder what happened”.

In closing do your best and forget the rest! DRIVE ON, brother!



thankyou very much mate, some things just instantly polarise people – this issue of applying violence is one of them

“Most people are so into their cush world that they have no clue as to what it takes in a real world situation.”

So, so true – there is a large gap between the people who have done it and those who havent, couldnt and wont

Anyway I wont go on one

thanks for getting in touch

all the best


“my pupils get really big and people get really frightened and they say my voice is really commanding. normally when im normal im really nice but since I have been acting for about 8 years, its hard to tell which state im in is that bad I think I need a trainer.”

From youtube subscriber – didn’t bother to reply as all I heard was “I’m so amazingly tough I scare my own mum! ”

Another email from a youtube subscriber:
Subject title: “you’ve created a monster lol!”
I think that aside from teaching people sociopathic models of thought when it comes to violence (I bought psychology of violence and it works so well for confidence) you should also teach these guys to be more masculine as well. I would imagine that being masculine and present (in the moment outside of their minds) can help them not be so scared of others or violence.

Your psychology of violence CD is no f****** joke man. I thought its benefits were limited to violence but nooope. I found myself actually attuned to weaknesses in others, more willing to take advantage of people and a much better manipulator…I remember just doing things that were different but scarily enough felt more natural. I don’t know how the hell these other traits go with just imagining violence vividly. It’s not like I was practicing in my mind “become a manipulative sociopath” it was just imagining beating people to a pulp for 10 minutes. How is this all related?

Anyway, needless to say I stopped because I got the confidence and thats all I wanted. I would flash into certain unpleasant states however and I found myself waiting in line at stores looking at the female cashiers, and low and behold I had women starting conversations with me left and right and lots of female attention, although I was a scumbag inside.

What the fuck right? Lol, care to shed some light on why these side effects are so weird? Women are supposed to be scared when I’m like this not more attracted! Hahah smdh…

The Psychology Of Violence “Core Visualisation” Cd is a powerful course but I do worry when I tell people that, especially in a market saturated with training that is allegedly so “deadly” “lethal” “brutal” and “savage” that it will rip your eyelids off when you watch it and so “secret” the NSA will come and confiscate your frontal lobes as soon as the credits roll, that people will just think it’s more marketing hype and hyperbole.
All I can say is that in my opinion it really is the most “dangerous” information I’ve released, in the sense that it can’t fail to work, the changes are large, powerful and come with extremely negative side effects.
And unlike throat chopping and spinning elbows or whatever which have to practised with diligent physical effort over time, the “core visualisation” can be done by anyone, in any condition from their armchair and they will feel more confident and more able to access aggression within 24 hours of doing the visualisation.
Why has it made you more confident and manipulative?
Possibly it takes the “brakes” off a lot of social taboos and thaws your balls out. Many of us have succumbed to the societal unmanning “sanitisation process”. We are brainwashed into thinking that our every impulse or drive is “wrong” (“politically incorrect” or possibly offensive to someone… somewhere).
Society, like a bitchy wife, has removed your balls and now keeps them in a jar in the freezer.
And rightly so.
We can’t have a bunch of free thinking, creative, expressive determined men wandering about challenging things can we?
Certainly not. It could ruin the utopia we have spent years creating and now enjoy the fruits of.
I for one am happy being a neutered slave to society.
Because I’m a “nice guy”.
There are solid psychological reasons why you feel the way you do. I subscribe to Zimbardos view (he of the Stanford prison experiment) that peoples values, beliefs and behaviours are largely a product of their “life training” and their “training environment”, their culture, family, society, life experiences, status etc
See his book “The Lucifer Effect” if you are interested.
Anyway we are at a strange place culturally in many ways that would account for why you think your approach was scumbagish and why in actual fact these behaviours or attitudes might actually be attractive. It has a lot to with the clash between our cultural programming and our (men and womens) genetic predispositions. Women are hardwired to be attracted to the men who give the greatest “survivability” to their offspring. We are just socks created for the purpose of carrying on DNA at the end of the day. Continuation of DNA trumps all other impulses, which is part of why people might stay in crappy relationships or continually seek out the type of partners who are damaging on one level but attractive at the deeper more animalistic levels. Between the animal part of the brain and the human, the animal still wins.

Bear in mind this course isn’t designed to make people manipulative or to make them better at pulling. This is about allowing people to access aggression immediately and appropriately and condition their mind to deliver violence asymmetrically, one way, towards their opponent and “deliver a beating” rather than “ get in a fight”.
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