Forget about “pre contact” stuff like awareness, deescalation and avoidance – focus only on post contact Combative Priorities (as described in the “Beta-8 Syllabus”):

1. cause unconsciousness
2. cause injury
3. cause “stress” (fear/pain creating a defensive response psychologically and physically)
4. control the space/ control the opponent

Assuming their top priorities once the fight had begun was to knock the opponent out or injure them what top 5 major mistakes are these guys making?

This is a fairly standard street fight: loads of activity, loads of effort but not much EFFECT – afterwards they probably had not much more than swollen knuckles, bruised faces and a few muscle tears – WHY?

What are people frequently doing in fights to fail to generate any EFFECT i.e. injury or unconsciousness.

Come up with your top 5 reasons why people fail to generate effect in fights.

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get your answers in before wednesday the 29th Sept 2010 to be in with a chance to win

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p.s. obviously this is an organised fight and there is a lack of intent to do SERIOUS harm but they are trying to knock each other out or put each other out of the fight – please resist the temptation to give “smart” or “funny” answers :-p thankyou!