The “Supra States” Course will allow you to create another persona who CAN deal confidently with confrontation and even violence more effectively. It’s only natural that you would want to be able to “switch personalities” and still have your normal polite charming self to be used in most social situations. Just being an aggressive idiot defeats the objectives of effective self protection as you will alienate yourself from normal decent folk and possibly actually create fights that you could have otherwise avoided.

The “Psychology of Violence” course is a simple powerful way of generating tremendous states of aggression and violent intent. This is one key area that many many self protection students fail in, they often complain “I just can’t get aggressive”. This course will blast through any such barriers. The only problem with it is it can work TOO well and that aggression can bleed through into your normal personality making you needlessly belligerent and confrontational.

Naturally this is strictly a course for over 21’s only and you are soley responsible for your own psychological and physical health. If you do get any negative side effects from either course, stop using it immediately and get in contact.

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