The “Neuro Combative Conditioning Drill” is the best method of training yourself for the reality of a street fight.

"Neuro Combative Conditioning Course"

"Neuro Combative Conditioning Course"

Nothing will improve your confidence and skills like this training methodology will.

I love this course because:

-It doesnt require expensive equipment- it doesnt require ANY equipment!

-You can pick it up and put it down where ever you are

– All you need is a training partner

– It allows you to work all your verbal, psychological and physical skills in any environment

– It drills your emotional and mental state too , keeping your aggression/ tenacious resolve levels high

Basically the single most effective way of improving a students confidence I’ve ever come across.

If you were to get a personal lesson with me, chances are that this drill is the way we would be spending most of the lesson.


Because it looks, feels and is exactly the way a fight will play out, BUT is totally safe!

A short video clip of me training someone using the “N.C.C.” (Neuro Combative Conditioning) protocol : shot placement, in context (environmental both physical and emotional), use of actual weapons to actual targets with the actual body mechanics (direction of force, follow through) as you would use in a fight, even the same emotional state of cold aggression but no speed.

Thats the only component that has been removed in this drill!

A fight is made up of many components and as street combatives practitioners we need to make our training replicate that reality as closely as possible. The “N.C.C.” Protocol allows us to safely replicate every single element of a fight bar one to get us as close to the reality as possible as safely as possible.

Should you need to put speed back in to the drill you can… as long as you remove another key element : contact/ follow through.

The training is predominantly psychological and emotional but really lets you work your physical skills in a way is totally “task relevant” and “non symbolic” – i.e. the way you are training in this drill most closely represents the way you will be fighting.