Let the Environment Dictate the Strategy

Let the Environment Dictate the Strategy

…or if you prefer let the “context” dictate your choice of techniques…

In many ways techniques are pretty cheap and not that useful.

Don’t get me wrong there are some situations where specific technical knowledge will really help and be the deciding factor.

Like when you’re fixing a car.


Diagnosing and treating an illness.


Doing something techy with your pc (or mac).

But in a street fight? Not so much.

Not in my experience anyway.

And yet it is often techniques that are focussed on the most, discussed the most and are the most jealously guarded.


If real world self protection is actually mainly about applied psychology plus “advanced common sense” with (very rarely) some bits of fighting RATHER THAN a martial arts syllabus stuffed into a pair of jeans and put in a car park or other urban seeming environment then what are we playing at?

Once you start intelligently, slowly and specifically (whilst trying to be as scientific as we can) putting the skillsets back into context by starting with the CONTEXT FIRST then things start to make a lot more sense again.

“Context First” – means defining where is this antisocial violence or targeted assault taking place, what’s the environment, what are the participants states of mind, how many people are involved etc etc

p.s. I can’t wait to hear the knickers twisting into little tight bunches over the improvised weapons/ tactical pen comments 🙂

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