I had been drilling hammer fist to the back of neck for several years – until I actually applied it in a fight with less than satisfactory results.

Here is the thing:

It felt like it would work in training (a light chop or slap to the back of the neck feels pretty unpleasant) plus I got the technique from a “trusted source” so I came to the conclusion: “It Will Work”.

The lesson for me was, don’t take anything for granted, challenge everything and assumption is the mother of all frack ups.

The problem with the hammer fist being applied in a high pressure situation where you are scrabbling (yes, you “scrabble” under pressure, I know in the movies Jason Bourne/ James Bond/ Fong Sai Yuk look pretty calm and collected as they gracefully move through a series of smooth techniques that work first time, every time – maybe I just suck at fighting OR maybe reality doesn’t work that way) to get a technique in, you are moving and he is squirming to not get hit (so annoying the way people RESIST your techniques in a fight wheras in the dojo they just politely recieve them) is that it just doesnt generate enough reliable EFFECT.

Remember your training should be all about generating effect in the opponent.

Whether that effect be unconsciousness, fear, pain or just psychological submission…

After all not every problem is a nail, not every solution is a hammer.

That shoehorned metaphor concludes my fight related thought for the day.

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