the full “Neuro Combative Conditioning Course”

this is a course more ideally suited to intermediate and advanced combatives practitioner

though it does demonstrate some techniques the main objective of the course is HOW to drill rather than WHAT to drill

If you know exactly what hard skills you would like downloaded and conditioned into your neurology you just want to know HOW to get them in so they are totally Unconscious i.e you can use these skills without thought under pressure

If you have certain old habits you would like to change or reengineer for your combatives training (repogramming people from a punching background to use palms as an example)

or If you know you have certain weak areas in your training you want to balance out

then this course is definitely for you

its the most direct, straightforward, task specific and scientific way of drilling certain skillsets and responses into your neurology, like programming a computer

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