Your chosen Pre Emptive Strike(s) should be something that you drill so repetitively across such a broad variety of training contexts that you effectively become a “specialist” in delivering that strike.

( learn to street fight tips preemptive strikes )

The setting up through body language, use of verbal disuasion, bringing the hands up and offsetting the strong side of your body and then the explosive delivery of your shot need to become second nature to you.

Don’t be afraid of extremely repetitive training, trust the process, repeat the movements as you would in a street fight situation over and over again.

Ramp up your emotional state. Actively use and direct your imagination through visualisation.

At the end of the day, whats your objective?

You want to avoid trouble.

But if it becomes unavoidable, having exhausted every other possibility, you want to know how to end the fight quickly and decisively.

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