You need to be training in such a way that doesn’t stack postive assumptions one on top of the other.

Don’t “train for the worst case scenario” ANY KIND OF FIGHT ALREADY IS THE “WORST CASE SCENARIO”

Assume you will have no time, no space, bad footing, be at a disadvantage, be switched off, outnumbered, facing a bigger opponent… because if you weren’t why would you be having to get involved in a physical struggle?

To test your skills?

To finally use all that training?

Please understand that if you find yourself forced to fight, you have FAILED in some way: failed to be aware of a situation and avoid it or deflate it before it started, failed to verbally dissuade or deescalate, failed to avoid trouble spots, failed to go out without getting drunk or high, failed to avoid hanging around with people who attract or start fights…whatever.

Don’t train to ASSUME positively that things will occur as they do in the gym. Guy gobs off, you warn him, put up your fence, warn him again, BANG he is K.O.d. Game over thanks for playing.

No, assume that it won’t work and don’t wait for feedback from the environment to put your contingency plan in place, BE PUTTING IT in place already.

That means. Dont deliver your “knock out” Pre Emptive Strike shot stand wait and look to see if it worked.

Deliver it and already be running into the next phase of your plan.

In the Beta-8 Street Fight course that would be Phase 2, the blast phase- just delivering continuous pressure to get the guy to cover up and get on the back foot- if he is ducking and covering he can’t be hurting you.

We then move into Phase 3 the “crush” this is only here to set him for my “favourite throw” which is not really a throw: the dragdown.

Get his head down, get him to the floor.

Watch this video to get an understanding of this

Key Points

  • run him into the wall, get the skull smash into the wall (if you can)
  • if the head is up, deliver headbutt (we want his head down and covering)
  • elbow to head, knees to groin and legs and bladder, start dragging the head down and forward.
  • PRIMARY OBJECTIVE here is to : get the head down

this clip is taken from the Beta-8 Syllabus available now from