Here is an email I recieved last week


I’m currently serving in the military, I’ve been through the crucible combatives course and I enjoyed it but I would like something to keep going with. You seem to have a lot of DVD’s, is there any you can recommend for someone in my position?”

I get some variation of this question every week. People who don’t have that much time, who just want to learn the bare essentials. Something that is straightforward, to the point and reliable.

Provided they have some one to practise with I will usually send them to get the Beta-8 course.

The Beta-8 Course was designed with simplicity and reliability in mind.

When you are under real pressure and in a state of psychological shock, complexity isn’t where it’s at, you need a super reliable set of skills that have been drilled so frequently they become an unconscious reaction.

Like when your driving and someone runs into the road. You automatically slam on the breaks without thought.

People who are seeking to learn how to fight need to understand that their responses must be so repetitively trained that they become unconscious or else those skills are simply not reliable under pressure.

I love the Beta-8 course because it basically teaches the practitioner to beat an aggressor up (should that be “down”?).

It’s not very p.c. and its not very “corporate friendly” but every time I read another story of innocent people being brutally and savagely attacked without provocation I get a little bit closer to thinking “f@@k it”.

People are going to have to start learning to fight back with as much savagery and violent intent as the scumbags out there who would hurt them but with more skill, more awareness and better training than those scumbags.

The Beta-8 DVD set is an 8 DVD step by step course outlinining every element of a fight, including techniques, drills and training methods that will give you a rock solid foundation of workable skills should you ever be unlucky enough to being forced to have to fight back.

It will teach you to ideally set the opponent up and knock them out as quickly as possible to end the fight salfely and decisively.

But it will also give you a 3 level back up plan should your initial plan not work.