I’m in New Zealand at the moment, just north of Auckland working on some new material.

I’ve heard a few stories since I’ve been here of gangs savagely beating couples seemingly without provocation. I was even introduced to a guy who I found at after the introduction had been arrested in relation to one of these cases.

As of this moment I still don’t know why these attacks happen. My first guess is that it’s a gang initiation.

It takes a lot to shock me these days, people regularly send me clips of people being beaten, stabbed, stamped on and articles and forum posts describing violent crime are part of my daily life. I’ve become a little bit immune to it I’m ashamed to say.

Something about the idea of young couples being targetted gets to me though.

Residents say they heard screams for help, moaning and sobbing in a park where a couple were violently attacked early yesterday.

A 19-year-old man was found drifting in and out of consciousness in Starling Park, Ranui, in West Auckland, by a man walking his dog about 7am.

While police were dealing with the man, who was lying in pools of blood, a 17-year-old woman arrived at a nearby house asking for help.

Detective Sergeant Roger Small said the couple were seriously beaten, although police were still unsure who was responsible or what – if any – motive was behind the attack.”

Mr Small said the man was taken to Auckland Hospital with significant head injuries including a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain.

The woman, who had multiple facial fractures and severe bruising, was in Middlemore Hospital.

Several neighbouring residents said they had heard noises coming from Starling Park but either did not see anything or did not investigate.

One girl and her mother said they saw a young couple sitting on the swings in the park before they went to bed about 10pm. The girl said she was woken about 1.30am by a noise.

“The next minute I heard a faint scream and it sounded like a male, then I heard moaning and groaning. I could see two people down by the tree.””

from the new zealand herald

It could just be that the notion offends me as a man, the fear of the vulnerability and the humiliation of being beaten in front of your girlfriend is one thing… failing to protect her though is quite another.

Or it could be that the notion offends me as a human being. That someone out of pure malice would target people in a vulnerable state, with out any provocation whatsoever and beat them with such savagery that they nearly kill them…

At first Im simply overwhelmed with righteous indignation, the typical thoughts go through my mind: bring back corporal punishment, bring back capital punishment, bring back national service, punish the parents, enforced sterilisation programmes for the repeat offenders etc etc

When I’m finished frothing with frustrated rage though I have to ask: what can I do?

What can any self respecting , reasonable, decent, law abiding citizen do?

Train harder myself, to protect myself and others against these animalstic scumbags who seem to be of another species lower down the evolutionary scale ;  offer advice and help freely on the subject at a personal and professional level, should people seek it (nobody likes a self protection bore and it will only push people away from training) and to offer good quality training at reasonable prices, such that no one shouldn’t be able to afford the material.

You don’t need access to an expensive gym, or pricey equipment to learn to protect yourself. Just the will to be smart, be switched on and to learn to fight back should all else fail… as a last, last, last resort.

The Beta-8 8 dvd set is straight to the point, no nonsense street fight training is on offer this week. Its 8 dvds and its going for 25 quid, which is 50 dollars NZ or 40 US. All  you need is a willing training partner and space to train in.