The primary idea behind the core visualisation technique was inspired by an old Anthony Robbins tape (yes a cassette, I am a child of the 80’s) in which he describes trying to get a pro basketball player to miss a shot.

And the guy was so hardwired to putting the ball through the hoop he could’nt consciously force himself to miss.

This kind of “success conditioning” and mental practise has its roots in sports psychology and might have for some overtones of cheesy self improvement books or sales training days.

But behind the hyperbole, is there some merit to these training practises?

For me this is the absolute corner stone of Combative Psychology.

There is no other Combative Psychology training tool that gets such powerful results from people so immediately with such a high success rate that I’m aware of.

Why is this?

a few possible reasons to consider

1. we must by virtue of the nature of our training constantly train with restraint, we are training to deliver the most destructive injurous techniques we can think of… whilst attempting to inflict no injuries whatsoever in our training! The Core Visualisation really lets you cut loose.

2. it gets to the heart of the matter: the cultivation and practise of Violent Intent

3. it reverses the “victim identification pattern” I suspect most people suffer from when thinking about, witnessing or seeing representations of violent crime in films. This is an effect whereby most people identify with the victim, the recipient of the violence rather than the person inflicting it.

4. it allows you to put your skills back into the context in which they are likely to be played out – something that is impossible to do in a dojo

These are some of the reasons I think this technique has proven itself to be so powerful, people have come back with comments saying that their confidence levels went up dramatically… but usually also that they became more aggressive and confrontational in every area of their lives.

The reawakening of one’s inner animal isnt likely to come without some price.

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The Core Visualisation

“Let’s face it, if your still fundamentally scared sh*tless of getting in a fight, no amount of padwork, pressure drills, scenario training, collecting dvds, attending seminars is going to make THE BLINDEST BIT OF DIFFERENCE when it goes off now…IS IT?”

We all know that, yet we all pretend like it doesnt really matter… or worse yet… that we aren’t really scared!

Nothing could be worse for you than going into denial in your TRAINING about dealing with real world violence.

The first step to conquering a problem is admitting you have one.


You are in good company, practically ever email I get asking me for advice is backed by one of two major fears:

1. Fear of Violence

2. Fear of being Humiliated

Dont worry about it. Everyone is feeling it, its just nobody likes to say it.

The problem is psychological and emotional- the solution can NOT be physical.

Physical training can be a great boost and is ESSENTIAL to your self protection training, but you can be HIGHLY physicall skilled, fit and strong and still terrifed of one of the above two fears!

Whats the result?

Well, fear makes you physically weaker, quicker to tire, slower to respond, less able to make good sharp decisions and improvise fluidly.

This is key for anyone who wants real street fight tips, those who want to learn to fight with home training must start with mental reconditioning and the application of NLP to Combative Psychology

Think this can be solved by PHYSICAL training? Ask an MMA fighter or Kickboxer at the peak of their game if being physically fit and skilled alone eradicates fear.

The solution is Psychological and Emotional Reconditioning.

Sounds complex? Well the theory is actually simple to grasp, but its EASILY misunderstood and requires very specific formula to be followed.

All these are described in this course.

The new version of the most popular Combative Psychology Course we have had to date.

Topics Covered:

-The Specific Objectives of the Module “To retrain the mind to focus on you doing violence to your opponent”

– The Key to Success: practising it perfectly in your mind before hand

-The importance of the “first person shoot ’em up” mindset

-Lessons learnt from world class athletes in training the mind for razor sharp performance

NEW: Immersion Technique “The 24 Hour Challenge” You can recondition your mind and your emotions as it pertains to your response to violence within a day. (This is not a psychologically healthy thing to do long term, but it DOES get the job done)

click here for Instantly Downloadable “Core Visualisation” Tutorial

-Modelling sociopathic modes of thought

-Conditioning your mind to deal with the stress of a fight and overcoming the ADRENAL DUMP response

-Hardwiring your neurology to respond to threat with aggression and violence rather than fear and panic INSTINCTIVELY/ UNCONSCIOUSLY and most importantly…. without slow and ponderous cognitive thought processing- you need IMMEDIATE response.

If you get this course and start using these techniques you could save yourself years of searching and a lot of money trying to find a solution to dealing with the fact that fundamentally the idea of violence frightens you and shuts you down!

If you dont get it, you may well be one of those people who spends a lot of time and money searching for TECHNIQUES to solve the problem of their fear of violence. This is redundant. Like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. You cannot think your way out of a problem you acted your way in to. Your current mental state is a result of a lifetime of mental conditioning- do you really think a seminar is going to solve it?

The problem is PSYCHOLOGICAL and the solution is PSYCHOLOGICAL.

You need the technology to get in there and rewire your thinking!

When it comes to neural conditioning “rewiring” isnt a bad analogy, explained on the cd is how undesirable patterns of thought and behaviour can be broken  and good effective patterns can be literally “rebuilt” through understanding neural pathways and HOW to work with them- but you need to understand the programming “LANGUAGE” your brain actually uses. And no, it isnt English!

Which is why affirmations dont work to recondition your mind.

The way to recondition your mind is specific and certain “key elements” MUST be in place or it simply wont work.


Get it out of your head, how HARD you try is irrelevant. You need to have proper understanding of the correct modalities and syntax to reprogramme an emotionally backed thought pattern

All covered in the course:

click here for Instantly Downloadable “Core Visualisation” Tutorial

runs for 45minutes

WARNING: this course if used properly will have negative side effects on your psychological state, making you more confrontational and aggressive. Do NOT use this course every day. If you find yourself acting “out of character” just stop for 5 days before using the course again.


click here for Instantly Downloadable “Core Visualisation” Tutorial