Can the way most experienced street “thugs” fight actually be modelled usefully by street combatives practitioners?

Lets be clear who I mean when Im talking about “thugs”,

I mean

the scary face of a generic british thug, known to foreign folk as "hooligans"

British Thug

not Tupac Shakur wannabes or Indian robbers **

Now in the UK when you say “thug” you just mean someone with not much finesse and bags of aggression.

Not a nice person, but maybe handy on your side in a scrap.

A funny clip parodying Biritsh Thug Jitsu…

There is a lot to be learnt by “nice people” from modelling “not nice” people and not just the psychological aspects (as covered in things like the Combative Psychology “Supra States Course” ).


In a fight “thugs” tend to keep things



3. rooted in their emotional and psychological state

Which sounds like a good strategy for:

Street Combatives Training

When people decide that enough is enough and that they need to learn to street fight, to fight back they often go to one of two main choices

– Sportive Combat  (muay thai, boxing, mma etc)


-Traditional Martial Arts (karate, ju-jitsu, judo etc)

Both certainly provide a training context that COULD, CAN and regularly DOES provide people who can “handle themselves” but…  is it the best way, most direct way?

Shouldn’t we be modelling the the “experts” in street fight experience? The thugs themselves?

The Beta-8 “Hardcore Street Fight” Syllabus

“Ask the experienced not the learned”

Old Arabic Proverb

Here is a video clip from the Beta-8 Series that illustrates, in a tongue in cheek way, how the way most experienced street thugs fight can actually modelled usefully by street combatives practitioners.

the idea here is to get away from a sparring, tit for tat model of violence and focus on delivering violence one way using deception and surprise, stealing the initiative, having stolen the initiative to keep going until the job is done.

There is no such Martial Arts system as “Thug Jitsu” , I made it up.*

It’s a term I’ve used with mates over the years as a bit of in joke to determine the difference between the “beautiful compliant dance moves” approach to learning how to fight to just getting in there and delivering a beating.

Simple, brutal, rooted in aggression.

“Thug Jitsu” – AN AMAZING NEW STREET FIGHT SYSTEM  with only 4 MOVES!!!!!!!!

1. steal it on your target with a surprise punch to the face or a headbutt

2. when they cover up, grab them and yank them with one had whilst repeatedly tonking them with the other

3. drag them to the floor

4. deliver a kicking

Ok its just a joke…

Or is it?

That doesnt mean we cant learn in principle… it them whilst they are upright, when they fold and cover keep hitting them, drag them or shove them down… fred astaire finish.

The Beta-8 “Hardcore Street Fight” Syllabus allows you to train these things in a systemised way. It’s really very simple and brutal, the core game plan only has 4 phases and they arent far from the ones mentioned above, just a little more refined:

1. Preemptive strike

2. Palm blast to the head

3. Clinch, elbows knees, drag down

4. Stomp

It’s not exciting in the sense of being flowery and full of variety, but you develop a taste for the simplicity over time and its very satisfying.

Just because somthing is simple doesnt mean it doesnt need training. It needs regular repetitive drill. I show you how to do that on the The Beta-8 “Hardcore Street Fight” Syllabus

(Yes I just tried to sell you something, dont hate me for it – if you can’t afford the price listed just drop me an email and I will do you a deal on it)

Simple, aggressive, to the point – an excellent way, if not the only real way, to approach real world violence for those who really want to learn how to fight.

Now you too can fight like a “thug”.

there is an MMA fighter called Yves Edwards who has a website called

it looks like a slightly tongue in cheek name for his fighting style in the ring… which it has to be said, is brutal

check it


Im not talking about thieves stalking the Bengal area strangling their victims with garrottes.

Thuggee (or tuggee, ठग्गी ṭhagī) (from Hindi ठग ṭhag ‘thief’, from Sanskrit स्थग sthaga ‘cunning’, ‘sly’, ‘fraudulent’, ‘dishonest’, ‘scoundrel’, from स्थगति sthagati ‘he conceals’)[1] is the term for a particular kind of murder and robbery of travellers in India.

Nor am I talking about Tupac Shakur wannabes.

Im talking about the English usage of the word “Thug”

Not this

street fight secrets blog thug

Nor this

E-thugs (annoying little twats)
“pfft, whateva dude I would pwn you wit teh flying armbaaaa”

*how I picture the kids who post advice on my youtube videos “damn dude just hit him with the monkey knuckle already, lol, pwnd, lulz, rofl, lmao, pmsl etc etc”*

a thuggee and a thug
a thuggee and a thug… what would Tupac make of this?

Now how could I sat here in Auckland as I am, fail to mention when discussing the “Beta-8” simple, thuggish beatdown structure, the awesome “Jack the Muss” character from “Once Were Warriors”, using the famed “Southern Auckland Fist” in one of the best fight scenes of all time?

“I was right… too much weights, not enough speedwork. Useless prick. ”

So there you go.