“Hey Richie,
what is your favourite throw for a street fight?”

The short answer is “I don’t have one”
“Throws” are too involving for me, I’d rather just knock someone down than be putting both hands on them, stepping into their space, committing my centre of gravity … in fact there is just too much commitment there full stop.
The longer answer would be “if I really had to choose, I prefer drag downs”
A drag down isn’t a throw, and it isn’t technical enough to justify calling it a takedown, it’s basically beating someone to the point where they cower over, making sure you get there head nice and low, and then continuing to “soften” them to the point where they will practically throw themselves to the ground just to get away from the maelstrom of violence you are punishing them with.
1. Get their head low
2. Grab the head
3. Drag the head down to the floor

Drag the head down to break balance and rip to the floor

Both clips taken from the “Beta-8 Hardcore Street Fight Syllabus” which is a complete 8 DVD set covering every aspect of a one on one street fight confrontation from beginning to end. Simple, straightforward, direct advice for those truly serious about their self protection training.